Getting Real: Beauty and Vulnerability

Someone once said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so what could be more important than the frame that surrounds it, the face. For me, my face is my personal part of me. It is the first thing anyone sees when I meet them; it shows my hopes, my dreams, my fears, … Continue reading Getting Real: Beauty and Vulnerability

Music Mondays: Amos Lee

What strikes you first when either reading or listening to an interview with Amos Lee is how thoughtful and non-judgmental he is followed by his willingness to look at situations from every angle. This sensitivity comes through in his music, which never seeks to accuse or absolve but rather to explore emotions and situations that we all … Continue reading Music Mondays: Amos Lee

Music Mondays: Maria Taylor

If you only thought heartbreak and melancholy produced good art and music, you may need to rearrange your thinking. Multi talented singer/songwriter and musician Maria Taylor has released her latest album, Something About Knowing, inspired by the birth of her son Miles, and by finally reaching something close to contentment in her life.Maria Taylor was born in Birmingham, Alabama … Continue reading Music Mondays: Maria Taylor

Music Mondays: Johnnyswim

“You’ve taken down/ So many others/ Oh but you’ll know my name when you see/ And in those ashes I’m stronger still/ You’ll learn to feel my pain/ Oh yeah you will”These words are echoed throughout Diamonds, the debut album by the husband and wife duoJohnnyswim. The music tells of heartbreak and loss but the overall message … Continue reading Music Mondays: Johnnyswim