Music Mondays: Maria Taylor

If you only thought heartbreak and melancholy produced good art and music, you may need to rearrange your thinking. Multi talented singer/songwriter and musician Maria Taylor has released her latest album, Something About Knowing, inspired by the birth of her son Miles, and by finally reaching something close to contentment in her life.

Maria Taylor was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up with a musical family; both her brother and sister perform. Maria has crafted her own unique path in the music industry. She has collaborated with Moby, Joshua Radin, and Michal Stipe of R.E.M; she has played with the band Bright Eyes and created the folk duo Azure Ray with friend and fellow musician Orenda Fink, all the while having a successful solo career. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, she also plays guitar, piano, and drums on most of her albums.


Something About Knowing is an eclectic mix featuring all the best bits of Maria’s previous albums whilst offering a different perspective on life and love, one that is more upbeat but nevertheless realistic and honest. She describes the record “as the spirit of this is how I feel now, and these are the elements that brought me here.” The music ought to be schmaltzy and sickly sweet but it isn’t; it’s full of life lessons, clichés, and ideas about embracing the positive, which if it had come from anyone else would have been patronizing, but sung by Taylor with her vulnerable voice and effortless melodies, it all comes across as comforting.

Maria suggests that “all my other records explored the uncertainty and the sadder, darker side of love, which is still beautiful in it’s own right, where as this album explores the other side; how there is something great about knowing who you love, where your love goes and who loves you, and finding comfort in that.”

The first single is “Up All Night,” which documents the journey into motherhood with all it’s ups and downs, sleepless nights and overwhelming urge to protect your child. “I’ve been up all night/ But these are the best days of my life/ And it’s the time of the year for a change/ And it’s covered in love”. It’s full of heavy guitars and rhythmic drums, capturing the joyfulness and excitement at becoming a parent.

The album offers hope and gives the listener a space for self-reflection on all that life gives us, both its light and darker shades.

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