A Song a Day: ‘You Loved Me’

‘You Loved Me’ is a quintessential pop song with a traditional framework, which is juxtaposed against a very unconventional message

Unlike ‘Until the Levee’ or ‘Before I Sleep’ there are no thumping EDM beats or over wrought production, just pure organic instrumentation; a piano, percussion and a smattering of acoustic guitar.

Credit: Chuck D Willis

Credit: Chuck D Willis

The song is beautifully simple yet capable of delivering a heartfelt and emotionally wrought message; one that women all over the world will be able to relate to. This overwhelming need to be perfect all the time even if it means pretending and hiding the real you; the fear that comes with this, that those close to you will discover the imperfectly flawed yet beautiful you, and choose not to love this version of you.

“I thought you wouldn’t love me/ If I didn’t do/ Everything right/ So I lied to tell the truth/ And hid myself, most of all, from you.”

The song begins with a delicate piano intro with drums and percussion moving in, but never overwhelming the piece. As the song nears the bridge and final chorus, you can begin to hear the faint strumming’s of a lone guitar but just as quickly as it appears, it is gone again in an instant.

“I may never understand/ Why I walked so far away/ And I may never understand/ What it is that makes you stay.”

‘You Loved Me’ is the moment in VENUS’ where the listener can just sit and let the words and music gently wash over them. There is no urge to get up and move nor is there a need to try and find meaning in the lyrics. All the song asks of you is to be still and to be vulnerable.


‘You Loved Me’ – written by Joy Williams, Matt Morris and Michael Einziger

produced by Matt Morris, Daniel James and Michael Einziger

mixed by Mike “Spike” Stent & mastered by Ted Jensen

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