A Song a Day: ‘Welcome Home’ – A Love Letter to Unconditional Love

‘Welcome Home’ begins with what I can only describe as what the sun rising over the Earth would sound like if this astronomically constant was put to music; droning strings, opening up the piece like the sun opening up the skyline. Think what Holst did with ‘The Planets’; giving the planetary elements a musical body and soul.

Credit: Andy Barron

Instrumentally the song comes full circle, like the sun does on any given day, from sunrise in the morning to sunset in the evening. With a gradual build from the string section, to the piano and heartbeat of the percussion, followed by all three elements quickening in pace before being joined by a horn solo on the bridge; the instrumentation then falling away piece by piece, leaving the listener with the drone of strings that opened the song.

The first half of the song tells a story of meeting someone for the first time but of somehow knowing that person already. Listeners’ who are familiar with Joy’s backstory and her live performances with The Civil Wars, can read the song as being a love letter to her son Miles.

“Hello…/ I’ve been waiting for you// I didn’t know…/ If you’d recognize my voice/ Cuz I’ve been whispering your name/ Again and again.”

The final verse of the song is one of pure, unconditional love. This for me is the strongest part; both lyrically, instrumentally and emotionally. The strings gather pace and swell into the crescendo, with a lone horn rising up from within.

“Well, come inside from the cold and rest your weary soul/ You belong, you are loved, you are wanted, you’re not alone/ I’ve missed you so// Welcome home.”

‘Welcome Home’ – written by Joy Williams and Matt Morris

produced by Matt Morris, Daniel James and Charlie Peacock

mixed by Mike “Spike” Stent & mastered by Ted Jensen

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