‘Someday Soon’ – Lindi Ortega and John Paul White

‘Someday Soon’ is the new song to be released from Lindi Ortega’s upcoming album ‘Faded Gloryville’, due out August 7th on Last Gang Records. The album produced by Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Anderson East); Colin Linden (who produced her 2012 Cigarettes & Truckstops); and the Muscle Shoals based team behind the Single Lock label, John Paul White and Ben Tanner.


Credit: Lindi Ortega’s Facebook

‘Someday Soon’ comes from the Muscle Shoals batch of songs, which infuses traditional country with soul which is brought to the forefront by Ortega’s voice, alongside a gentle groove, building and layering for the duration of the track. The track, which was co-written with White and Ortega, also features White singing harmony vocals.

“It’s a song about intention and longing to make a change for the better but its’ kind of left ambiguous as to whether that change actually happens” says Lindi, “John and I tried to tap into that feeling of knowing a change must be made, and daydreaming about it, and the thought processes that happen before you leave someone who is no good for you… or you continue to stay.”

The weight and intensity of this longing is carried in Ortega’s soulful and wavering vocals, and by the two and half minute mark the tension that has been slowly building throughout suddenly gathers momentum and the decision to stay or leave could go either way.

The desperation and heartbreak in Ortega’s voice is real; her soul that she has been steadily revealing throughout the song has now been stripped bare for all to see and feel. With White’s vocals coming in at that crucial moment, blending his soulful baritone with Ortega’s haunting vocals, you truly feel the full weight of the song; both of them knocking it out of the park.

“Something’s gotta give/ How am I supposed to live/ Wishin I was anywhere instead of going nowhere with you/ And I’m saying, someday soon”

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