‘Standing Still’ – Ruby Amanfu

Of her collaboration with Jack White on his song “Love Interruption”, Ruby Amanfu says, “It was unexpected and key in shaping me”. White’s presence can be felt all over her new album “Standing Still” (Thirty Tigers/Rival & Co.), with his signature Southern gothic blues/rock as the skeleton to which all the other musical elements cling to, particularly on the tracks “Out … Continue reading ‘Standing Still’ – Ruby Amanfu

this is our jam guest post “Street Lights”

As featured on 'this is our jam' Today we've got a very special game of compare and contrast because we've got guest blogger Emily sharing her awesome find Ruby Amanfu! So, this game of compare and contrast is a bit different this week because I’m comparing the same song -- “Streetlights” off Kanye West’s 808s … Continue reading this is our jam guest post “Street Lights”

Grey Areas

On top of all the other double standards, women now have to deal with the issue of going grey, or in other words getting older and being seen as less competent, less self-assured, less successful by society. In a recent Guardian article, which discussed the issue of women in the public eye going grey, they … Continue reading Grey Areas

Interview with THAT GIRL: Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega, Toronto born and Nashville based singer-songwriter, has been in the music business for over a decade. With four albums under her belt, she has now released her fifth, “Faded Gloryville,” to much critical acclaim. The album was inspired by the film Crazy Heart, an unflinching look at a singer on the descent from stardom … Continue reading Interview with THAT GIRL: Lindi Ortega

‘Letters to Ghosts’: An Introduction – Lucie Silvas

“Letters to Ghosts” is Lucie Silvas’ first album in nearly ten years after having released “Breathe In” in 2004 to critical and commercial acclaim and “The Same Side” in 2006, as well as having written for a number of well-known musicians in the UK. “Letters to Ghost”, due out 18th September, was recorded in Nashville … Continue reading ‘Letters to Ghosts’: An Introduction – Lucie Silvas

‘Faded Gloryville’ – Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega’s new album, ‘Faded Gloryville’, is due out on August 7th. Produced by Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Anderson East), Colin Linden (who produced her album Cigarettes & Truckstops) and the Muscle Shoals based producing team John Paul White (formerly The Civil Wars) and Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes). The album, inspired by the film … Continue reading ‘Faded Gloryville’ – Lindi Ortega