‘Cannibal’ – Jill Andrews

Singer/Songwriter Jill Andrews is known for her folk and bluegrass sounds from her time as part of the Everybodyfields. However, on September 25th that all changes when she releases her latest album, ‘The War Inside’; a collection of songs about loss, hardship and hope.

Credit: Melissa Madison Fuller

Andrews has already released one track from the album, ‘Get Up, Get Out’, a hopeful, fast paced track about pushing on through the heartbreak and sadness. On Tuesday via NPR’s All Songs Considered, Andrews released another song, ‘Cannibal’, which is quite unlike anything she’s ever done before.

The song is a slow yet high intensity burn with the instrumentation and vocals slowly building until it reaches its’ crescendo with the lyrics;

“Your mouth is the gate of heaven/ Kiss me and we’ll live forever”

The lyrics are otherworldly. Primal, sultry and dangerous. Full of physicality, yearning and desire, which the distorted electric guitars and the delicate strings help to create.

“Now you’re crawling into the fire/ I want to drink you like a vampire/ Go higher and higher”

The hypnotic beats and moody guitar riffs combined with Andrews’ soft, seductive vocals take the listener to a world where the narrator is wanting to be consumed, and consume the object of her desires.

“You make me want to bite my tongue/ Breathe you into my lungs”

‘Cannibal’ is a sonic and visual delight to your ears and imagination. It leaves you breathless, and feeling powerful; giving your senses permission to roam wild across a seductive and untamed landscape.

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