‘Wreck You’ – Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna, artist, musician and songwriter of melancholy. If you’ve heard a song that’s beautifully understated and introspective but has you weeping into your tea by the last chorus, then Lori McKenna is mostly likely behind it. Think Mandy Moore’s ‘Everblue‘ and Ashley Monroe’s ‘The Morning After‘ This month, McKenna released ‘Wreck You’ the first single … More ‘Wreck You’ – Lori McKenna

A Gilded Cage

There’s a fine line we all walk in relationships, romantic or platonic, between changing ourselves to fit someone else’s idea of perfection, beauty or acceptability, and changing and growing into a better and more self-aware version of ourselves because we want to, and to some extent we have to in order satisfy our lust for … More A Gilded Cage