Taylor Noelle – Out of My System EP

Taylor Noelle was born and raised in Los Angeles and now resides in Nashville, studying Music Business at Belmont University whilst steadying honing her songwriting and creating her musical landscape of her own. Noelle released her debut EP Out of My System at the beginning of December, produced by Andrew Conner. Each track on the … Continue reading Taylor Noelle – Out of My System EP

Lily & Madeleine: Growing Pains

I met Lily & Madeleine exactly two years ago in London. It was November and it was just as cold. They had just released their second album Fumes and were in the midst of their European tour. The mood in that room that cold November night, was one full of hope and excitement. The sisters … Continue reading Lily & Madeleine: Growing Pains

‘Say Goodnight Instead’ – JOHNNYSWIM

JOHNNYSWIM was in the midst of recording their new album Georgica Pond and from a late night recording session came, what I consider to be their most well written and visceral song from the album, 'Say Goodnight Instead'. Conjured from a place of emotional and physical weariness, and the sadness and rawness that usually accompanies that state of being. 'Say Goodnight … Continue reading ‘Say Goodnight Instead’ – JOHNNYSWIM