Taylor Noelle – Out of My System EP

Taylor Noelle was born and raised in Los Angeles and now resides in Nashville, studying Music Business at Belmont University whilst steadying honing her songwriting and creating her musical landscape of her own.

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Noelle released her debut EP Out of My System at the beginning of December, produced by Andrew Conner. Each track on the EP was written by Noelle and each is as thoughtful as the one that came before it; the words connect, and her phrasing hits the mark every time. Noelle’s music translates what we feel but cannot put into words.

The opening line to the opening song ‘Too Good’ is not only a suggestion to her lover but to the listener as well, “Pull up a chair/Sit down and listen”, and listen you can’t help but do.

‘Too Good’ is begins as a fast paced folk song whose underbelly is full of spiky bluesy pop, with the words there one minute and gone the next but with their imprint staying with you. It could easily, and lazily, be mistaken for a typical (read empty) kiss-off song directed at a no good lover but listen closely, and there is so much more there. The words are sharp and cutting,

“So thank you very kindly for the waste of time I could have spared/ I really hope we don’t stay friends.”

The instrumentation is carefully chosen and arranged, the words and music dancing hand in hand with each other.

‘I Fall’ was written by Taylor a long time before the rest of the songs came to fruition, but it is this song that gives the EP its name. “The title reflects how it even came about — I had all these songs that meant a whole lot to me that I just needed to get “out of my system” and into the world.

It is clear from the words and from the vulnerability in her voice that this a story that she needed to write, to sing, and to get out of her system. It’s a torch song to unrequited love or rather to a love that almost was. And like all of Noelle’s songs, there’s a maturity, a self-awareness that most of us won’t ever possess, all poured into song.

‘I Fall’ is intelligent, intricate, delicate, and oh so accurate. There’s no bad guy, no victim. It just is what it is, a heartbreaking almost love song.

“You stayed in the outskirts of my lonely world/ And I kept of dreaming that I’d be your girl/ Sometimes we speak and it feels like old times/ While it hurts to be so close to what can’t be mine/ And I know you mean well/ So I make it hard to tell/ What I’m thinking/ What I can’t let go/ Is that I still need you so/ And I’m sinking.”

Noelle’s strength is in her ability to pinpoint a feeling, a moment, and then communicate that in a way that is honest and distinctive from other songwriters. ‘Won’t Waste My Time’ is no different but what is, is the arrangement and the way in which the song meanders into the realms of blues and soul.

This change in key and mood is no more evident than as the song nears the bridge. It slows right the way down, and with Taylor’s voice following suit, taking on a sultry and soulful edge, one in which looks so good on her.

“My heart says give it one more try/ But I know it’s broken/ So I won’t waste my time/ Won’t waste my sorrow/ Won’t waste another precious day/ I’m sick of living on lies/ Waiting for you tomorrow/ While these seconds tick away/ So I won’t waste my time.”

The closing song is about a perfect moment and never wanting that moment to be over, which of course, it inevitably will be. ‘Covers Me’ is the capturing of that moment and keeping it forever. Like a capturing fireflies in a jar and never wanting their light to fade or watching summer sunsets intently, transfixed on the pink sky until the last drop of colour has fallen into black.

 “I wish I could hold this moment/ Forever in my hand”, which though speaks to romantic love but perhaps also speaks to the feel of the EP; that each song is a moment in time, which Noelle and the rest of us can hold forever in our hands.

“My vision is that there are people out there who can hear these songs about my pain and my joy and connect them to their own lives. I use songwriting to process my feelings, and I hope that my songs can help other people to do the same.” – Taylor Noelle

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