‘One’ – Birdtalker

“If we keep running around deciding who’s right and wrong/ Then tell me, where are we headed?/ How can we all belong/ When all our logic is colliding/ And it’s constantly dividing me from you.”

These words could transcend human experience from friendships to romantic relationships, to familial relationships right the way through to our connection to every human on Earth.

Birdtalker, the Nashville based alt-folk band founded by Zach and Dani Green, whose music and lyrics swell with self-awareness and social consciousness but avoiding the preaching or self-help spiel message. Their music is pure and clear, and seems to come from an overwhelming desire to be honest and to make a real connection with others.

One is Birdtalker’s first single from their debut album of the same name, and also where the above lyrics above stem from. One seems to have its own hum, its own pulse, one which carries through from the beginning to the end of the track, with its acoustic sparseness and two-part harmonies.

The song begins with Zach’s clear and enunciated vocals, which at times turn harsh whilst simultaneously keeping its softness and approachability. One then gathers up a heavier instrumentation in the chorus with a deep beat echoing Zach’s interplay with the words and acoustic guitar.

“I’ve listened with an agenda so I could prove/ All of the shit I believe to be true/ Just to hide the fear of being weak.”

There is even a subtle nod to the poet Rumi in the bridge in which Dani’s delicate vocals come to the forefront, Beyond the land of the right, the land of the wrong/ There’s a field waiting for us”.

As the song comes to a close, Dani and Zach’s vocals weave around each other; intertwining and overlapping until they finally settle on the low and steady hum that set off One in the beginning.

Birdtalker’s One is not talking about one person but rather the one thing that connects us all; the one planet we all inhabit, the one air we all breathe, the one life that flows through all living things, and the one fate we all share. One is asking us to step outside ourselves and push aside all our rules, judgements and prejudices, whether that is so we can connect with a loved one on a deeper level or on a much wider scale, connecting and empathising with others millions of miles away.


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