‘My 404’ – Party Nails

I am unsure where to place Party Nails, the moniker of Los Angeles based musician Elana Belle Carroll, in the spectrum of the music I know and am familiar with but for me it has echoes of Madi Diaz’s Phantom and Holly Conlan’s Sirens. The simple yet intricate song writing and the originality of the story pulls you in, along with music that takes you on its own journey.


‘My 404’, named after the Roland 404 music sampler, contains an electro-R’n’B infused sound, soaring synths and the breathy softness of Elana’s vocals. There’s an undeniable groove to the track, which evokes a rush of feelings, a rush of wanting to get to that point where another person pushes or inspires you to be the person you have always wished you could be.

Cause you make me feel/ How I wanna feel/ So give me something sweet/ Make me another beat

That want we all have to be a certain way that isn’t us but are only able to when certain people come into our lives. This is wanting is neither good nor bad, but the question is, can it sustain?

Locked up in a small town/ It’s hard to put it all behind ya/ I don’t wanna try, I’m just getting by/ I don’t wanna understand my head, or your head //Can you make me wiser?

There are moments of sparseness in ‘My 404’, places in which you can fill in with your own pieces and experiences. The vocals follow and become entwined in the music, at times becoming its own instrument, the synth-laden bridge with soaring sensuous vocals is an example of this.

Talking about her music and the stories behind her songs, Elana has said, “I realized it’s very hard to explain what a song is about because the whole reason for making the song in the first place is that a song is the best medium to articulate the feeling/story/idea etc.”

Maybe it’s about meeting someone who doesn’t bring you out of yourself but reflects all of things you want to be or all the things you want to feel, so you chase that person and that feeling, and who is to say if that’s right or wrong but maybe it just is.

You’re my 404/ The one I’m looking for/ It’s how I wanna be/ Moving to that beat

Party Nails’ album Past Lives and Paychecks produced by Coleman Trapp is out on Friday. Elana Belle Carroll also writes for Sound Girls, a place to inspire the next generation of women in audio.

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