Why In Earnest is the band for our times.

In Earnest are set to release their second single ‘Come Upstairs’ on Friday from their self-titled debut EP due out later this year. The band from Southend-on-Sea is made up of Sarah, Thomas and Toby, formerly of the band Carousel, who went on to perform at Cambridge Folk Festival.

The forthcoming six-track EP was produced by Peter Waterman, whose productions include Melanie Baker’s superb EP ‘Broken’ and Hattie Briggs’ critically acclaimed album ‘Runaway’. The record was devised by whittling 30+ song ideas down to just 6 tracks, in which they explore themes of hope vs hopelessness, desperation, loneliness and identity in their rawest form. With influences ranging from alt-rock to folk and black metal, In Earnest propel forward with their own brand of genre-bending indie.

In April In Earnest released their lead single ‘Put Me Under’, a torch song to mental health and Sarah’s very personal experience with it. “​I suffer from chronic anxiety and depression, to the point where I can’t hold down jobs or be left alone for too long. The song is about feeling overcome by an invisible illness, but knowing it’s a lot easier to cope in the company of a dog.​”

In Earnest is the band for the here and now. We are in the middle of a global pandemic with mass unemployment is on its’ way; all the existing problems that have been ignored are now impossible to ignore; and feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and fear are the new normal. In Earnest writes music that is both strangely poetic but also cuts to the reality of the situation. The music talks about the things we ignore but we really should be talking about, perhaps reminding us that sticking our heads in the sand will always be a recipe for disaster.

The band is fuelled by the dual songwriting of couple Sarah and Thomas in their bid to encourage open and honest conversation around mental health. Their storytelling is a personal dialogue from two perspectives; a call from one who feels too much and a response from the other who must plead for them to stay alive. There is an honesty and to their music making. From their ethos, to their lyrics, to their instrumentation, which foregoes percussion and just lets the music float along until it comes to a very natural endpoint.

On Friday 3 July, In Earnest will release ‘Come Upstairs’, a delicately beautiful and sensual song that has so many layers. It is sung by Thomas and his voice really does melt you and leaves you burning over the electric guitar. There is an intensity to his vocals which is made more urgent set against the strings and the sparseness of the track.

We could both lock lips on this sinking ship/ Watch it all go down/ We could seal our fate in a frozen lake and just drown

‘Come Upstairs’ has so many layers to it. It is both helpless yet filled with desire because of that helplessness. It can be about a vulnerable moment in a relationship or a love letter to a love you should let go of.

 When we ask if we deserve this, we are digging our own grave/ There is nothing quite so painful, no relief to kill the shame/ And your burden looks so empty, there’s no proof that it exists/ Just a chemical compulsion, ever-looking for the exit

In Earnest makes music for the introspective amongst us, the ones who need someone to sing our hopes and fears back to us allowing us to make sense of what is going. Ultimately, music to make us feel more connected.

‘Come Upstairs’ is out on Friday. You can watch the making of the EP here. Goats feature.

One thought on “Why In Earnest is the band for our times.

  1. This is a thorough review and I will certainly be checking out their music. It seems like music I’ll be able to relate to

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