About Me

I am a freelance writer and journalist based in the UK though my heart is all over. I have profiled, reviewed and interviewed artists such as Dia Frampton, Lindi Ortega, Joy Williams, Lily & Madeleine, Madi Diaz, John Paul White and Lucie Silvas. My work has appeared on I AM THAT GIRL, a non profit organisation that looks to empower young girls and women in all areas of life as well as in Folk & Roots Magazine.

I am currently working as an A&R intern for Sensibility Music (The Civil Wars, Joy Williams, Birdtalker).


I am incredibly passionate about music. It’s in my bones and it’s how I process my life and the world. I believe music is powerful in our everyday lives; it connects individuals from across the world and is the great leveller in my opinion. It is a great bridge to emotions, making all of us feel less alone, weird and scared. No woman/man is an island as they say, and I argue that nothing holds truer than the influence and power music has on us.

You can reach me at: ealgar@me.com or on twitter @EmilyAlgar.

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