Political Writings

‘Believe All Women’: The Problem with Hashtag Politics 

In Defence of The New Yorker and Freedom of Speech

Aretha Franklin’s Living Memory: an essay on the collective loss of historical memory 

In memory of Tessa Jowell

“Round and round we go, where it stops nobody knows”: an essay on political short-termism.

UK General Election: When Hope and Compassion Were Lost to the Wind



I Love, Inspite of It All

Lisa Jakub In Her Own Words

A Gilded Cage

Why I’m Going With My Gut

Femvertising: The Commercialisation of Feminism

The Reality of Privilege

Grey Areas

I Will What I Want

You Belong To You – Ariana Grande and Feminism

“What Happens in College Stays in College”: The Hunting Ground Documentary

The Weight of Words

The Path Not Taken… Yet

Let’s Spread Fire, Not Steal It: The Competition Trap

Banning the Other “S” Word

There’s No Wrong Way To Do Loss

Let’s Get Real About Role Models

Burn, Crash, Fly Higher Than Before

Getting Real: Beauty and Vulnerability

Earth Love Is Self-Love

What We Talk About When We Talk About Dylan Farrow

Beyonce’s Brand of Feminism

Creativity Blocks? Cozy up to “The Blessed Unrest”

Advice for your Advice: Some Do’s and Don’t’s

Ambition: A Taboo Term for Women?

The Golden Rule

Expectations: Today I Am Going To Be Happy

Taking the Stigma out of Depression

The Real Victim



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