‘Boyfriend’ – Ariana Grande & Social House

You ain’t my boyfriend/ I ain’t your girlfriend/ But you don't want me to see nobody else/ And I don't want you to see nobody It’s start-stop and start again. The opening bars, with their distorted accordion, push and pull you. The lyrics are back and forth, brimming with tension and confusion. Even the chorus … Continue reading ‘Boyfriend’ – Ariana Grande & Social House


‘The Archer’ – Taylor Swift

The song is like smoke. Hard to catch and hold onto. You listen to it once and you feel sad. You listen again for deeper meaning and find some, but on each listen since that meaning goes and a new set of emotions and interpretations take its’ place. You can’t hold to it. Each time … Continue reading ‘The Archer’ – Taylor Swift

Blood Money: Taylor Swift’s master recordings and the war in Yemen

Scott Borchetta, the CEO and President of Big Machine Label Group (BMLG), knowingly sold his label, which includes Taylor Swift’s lucrative master recordings of her last 7 albums to Ithaca Holdings LLC., a company that is indirectly profiting from the war in Yemen. The $300 million sale includes Big Machine’s client roster, distribution deals, publishing … Continue reading Blood Money: Taylor Swift’s master recordings and the war in Yemen

Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine

Canterbury Girls refers to Canterbury Park in Indianapolis, IN, Madeleine tells me. “It’s the first place of adolescent freedom, the first place of blossoming girlhood - and a place to imagine the future a girl wants." But as Madeleine goes onto tell me, though the park is a place freedom and child-like fantasies, full of uninhibited … Continue reading Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine