Beyoncé – feminist icon or not?

This month Beyoncé released her fifth studio album simply titled ‘Beyoncé’, much to the surprise of fans and critics. It has already debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts after only three days of sales, and has topped a number of critics’ best albums of 2013. Beyonce describes it as a “visual album” which … Continue reading Beyoncé – feminist icon or not?

Femvertising: The Commercialisation of Feminism

In a world where market forces dominate and artists are now considered brands rather than individuals, it is not really surprising that the feminist movement has been coopted and commercialized. With the recent rise of high profile individuals announcing that they are now feminists. From Emma Watson to Beyonce to Taylor Swift, it is only … Continue reading Femvertising: The Commercialisation of Feminism

Brexit and “this isn’t an election campaign” campaign

Boris Johnson and the Conservative government have repeatedly said there will be no snap general election in the near future. His priority is delivering Brexit, no if's not but's, whatever that means. However, in Conservative literature that was seen yesterday, it is clear a snap election is what Johnson and the government is gearing up … Continue reading Brexit and “this isn’t an election campaign” campaign

Blood Money: Taylor Swift’s master recordings and the war in Yemen

Scott Borchetta, the CEO and President of Big Machine Label Group (BMLG), knowingly sold his label, which includes Taylor Swift’s lucrative master recordings of her last 7 albums to Ithaca Holdings LLC., a company that is indirectly profiting from the war in Yemen. The $300 million sale includes Big Machine’s client roster, distribution deals, publishing … Continue reading Blood Money: Taylor Swift’s master recordings and the war in Yemen