Music In Conversation

Music In Conversation

Why Mandy Moore is the Artist to Watch in 2020: Actress, Musician and an Unlikely Voice of the #MeToo Movement

A Year in Review: Top articles of 2019

Blood Money: Taylor Swift’s master recordings and the war in Yemen

Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine

Hope in the Dark: A conversation with singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders

That place between sleep and awake: ‘imagine’ – Ariana Grande

The inhale and exhale of ‘Breakaway’ – Lennon Stella

Aretha Franklin’s Living Memory: an essay on the collective loss of historical memory

Amanda Shires – To The Sunset

Ariana Grande – God is a woman

Edward Hopper, Silent Spaces and ‘Putting On Airs’ by Erin Rae

Simone de Beauvoir, Virginia Woolf and Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’: an essay

Damned: ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ – Taylor Swift

‘If I Never Get Over You, Fuck It”: Thoughts on Dia Frampton’s ‘Die Wild’ & Other Things That Matter


The Heart and Soul of Spotify Series: How Spotify’s Financial Policies Impact Artists

The Producer: Peter Waterman / Longcroft Recording

The Musician and Label: Reed Watson / Single Lock Records

The Artist: Lily & Madeleine


Something Old, Something New

Lenachka – I Want to Love You

Luther Ingram – (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to be Right

Norah Jones – Not Too Late


Film and OST

Brief Encounter: 75th Anniversary

Jed Kurzel – Macbeth OST


Guest Contributor

Guest Post on Velvet + Vinyl: 4 things + a vinyl

Guest Post on this is our jam – ‘Street Lights’

Guest Post on this is our jam – The Civil Wars ‘C’est la Mort’ & Lana Del Rey ‘Swan Song’



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