‘My 404’ – Party Nails

I am unsure where to place Party Nails, the moniker of Los Angeles based musician Elana Belle Carroll, in the spectrum of the music I know and am familiar with but for me it has echoes of Madi Diaz’s Phantom and Holly Conlan’s Sirens. The simple yet intricate song writing and the originality of the … Continue reading ‘My 404’ – Party Nails

Lisa Jakub In Her Own Words

Writer, Lisa Jakub, had a secret, a secret that spanned eighteen-years of her life, and one that she was trying to hide. No, she hadn’t killed anyone nor was she evading taxes, it was something much more benign (and legal). Lisa was trying to outrun her past life as an actor. Since turning 22, Lisa … Continue reading Lisa Jakub In Her Own Words

Interview with THAT GIRL: Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega, Toronto born and Nashville based singer-songwriter, has been in the music business for over a decade. With four albums under her belt, she has now released her fifth, “Faded Gloryville,” to much critical acclaim. The album was inspired by the film Crazy Heart, an unflinching look at a singer on the descent from stardom … Continue reading Interview with THAT GIRL: Lindi Ortega