‘Uphill Battle’ – Rozzi

All women, once all the pretence and perfection has been shed, like mascara running off wet eyes, are full of contradictions and complexities that go beyond the mantle of being “a difficult woman”. We are neither good nor bad; virginal or slutty; nice or bitchy; easy or difficult; strong or weak; we are all those … Continue reading ‘Uphill Battle’ – Rozzi

Jason Isbell: Live at Kentish Town Forum

Social media is a funny thing; it creates a warped yet seemingly perfect image of public figures, and one that seems completely accurate but is in fact so far from the truth it's almost laughable. Laughable in that you think 'X' is really like his 140 character updates, or rather that's all he is. So … Continue reading Jason Isbell: Live at Kentish Town Forum

Macbeth OST – Jed Kurzel

Macbeth is Shakespeare’s shortest play, yet one of his bloodiest. It tells the story of a Scottish warrior turned traitor, and his wife who after hearing a supernatural prophecy decide to kill the King and take his place on the throne. “Blood begets blood” and soon Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are both caught in a … Continue reading Macbeth OST – Jed Kurzel

Anderson East: Live at Notting Hill

The last time I saw Anderson East it was just him and an acoustic guitar but last night he brought over his whole band to London; Philip Towns on keys, Jon Murray on bass; Darren Dodd on drums; a beautiful horn section; and last but definitely not least, Scotty Murray on electric guitar – “the … Continue reading Anderson East: Live at Notting Hill

Interview with THAT GIRL: Suzie Brown

Suzie Brown, a singer, songwriter, mother, and cardiologist, is about to release her third album with her husband, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Scot Sax. Despite studying medicine for nearly half her life, Suzie has always had great affinity for music; from listening to Whitney Houston tapes in her room and memorizing the words to taking the … Continue reading Interview with THAT GIRL: Suzie Brown