‘Stay Lucky’: an interview with Nerina Pallot

Three years ago, Nerina Pallot released The Sound and the Fury an intensely political record that reckoned with the death and legacy of Margaret Thatcher, the murder of Lee Rigby, the now-closed refugee camp in Calais, and the intricacies of navigating the world as a woman. The record was infused with electro-pop and heavy synths and … Continue reading ‘Stay Lucky’: an interview with Nerina Pallot


‘Stafire’ – Caitlyn Smith

Now I’m staring at an empty chair and I still see you everywhere And go to places that we’d go just so I can feel you ‘East Side Restaurant’ Songs are moments, caught in time and preserved like good wine. Photographs you look at and try to remember the moment the shutter clicked but music … Continue reading ‘Stafire’ – Caitlyn Smith