Music Amidst the Chaos: My Top Albums of 2019

In spite of the political turmoil and trauma taking place on both sides of the Atlantic and throughout the rest of the world, art and music has stepped into the void, nurturing forward thinking conversation and holding up a mirror to our way of life, which is no longer serving us. Perhaps political chaos and … Continue reading Music Amidst the Chaos: My Top Albums of 2019

‘To The Sunset’ – Amanda Shires

Sometimes it was treadin’ water/ I guess it is sometimes for all Eve’s daughters/ Looking for happy ever after/ Forever and ever and ever, again To The Sunset, produced by Dave Cobb and released August 3, speaks to chasing something more. It’s perhaps fitting then that in the album artwork Shires resembles the artist Frida … Continue reading ‘To The Sunset’ – Amanda Shires

Edward Hopper, Silent Spaces and ‘Putting On Airs’ by Erin Rae

The external becomes the internal, the political becomes the personal and vice versa. One bleeds into the other until it’s all muddy and messy and we don’t know where outside influences begin or where we end. In Erin Rae’s album Putting On Airs, co-produced by Dan Knobler and Jerry Bernhardt,(Single Lock, 8th June) the personal … Continue reading Edward Hopper, Silent Spaces and ‘Putting On Airs’ by Erin Rae

Lily & Madeleine: Growing Pains

I met Lily & Madeleine exactly two years ago in London. It was November and it was just as cold. They had just released their second album Fumes and were in the midst of their European tour. The mood in that room that cold November night, was one full of hope and excitement. The sisters … Continue reading Lily & Madeleine: Growing Pains

Lisa Jakub In Her Own Words

Writer, Lisa Jakub, had a secret, a secret that spanned eighteen-years of her life, and one that she was trying to hide. No, she hadn’t killed anyone nor was she evading taxes, it was something much more benign (and legal). Lisa was trying to outrun her past life as an actor. Since turning 22, Lisa … Continue reading Lisa Jakub In Her Own Words

Music Mondays: Christina Perri

Honesty and Christina Perri, the 27-year-old singer/songwriter, go hand in hand. From her 60 plus tattoos, which document every single heartbreak or lesson learned on display for the whole world to see, to her second album which was released this month, entitled Head or Heart There is nothing Christina Perri believes that is too personal not to share.In … Continue reading Music Mondays: Christina Perri