‘The Hurting Kind’ – John Paul White

Each song on John Paul White’s album The Hurting Kind (April 12th on Single Lock) is its own hurting kind. White is careful not to equate romantic love as the only thing that hurts but rather leaving it open to all things, whether that be time moving on and the hurt of looking back on what … Continue reading ‘The Hurting Kind’ – John Paul White

Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine

Canterbury Girls refers to Canterbury Park in Indianapolis, IN, Madeleine tells me. “It’s the first place of adolescent freedom, the first place of blossoming girlhood - and a place to imagine the future a girl wants." But as Madeleine goes onto tell me, though the park is a place freedom and child-like fantasies, full of uninhibited … Continue reading Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine

Hope in the Dark: A conversation with singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders

In early January I met singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders. Sophie had released her debut album Steep and Shining Spaces in November, a collection of poetic songs set against a sonically luscious ambience, which brings to mind front porches in the spring as the magnolia is about to bloom, hardwood floors at night, and open blue skies. This … Continue reading Hope in the Dark: A conversation with singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders

‘December Song’ – Joy Williams feat. Birdtalker

Christmas and New Year is a troubled time of year. On the one hand, it can be immensely joyful, fulfilling and happy but on the other it can be sad and lonely, full of the longing and homesickness for people no longer in our lives. Whether those absences are down to choice or fate, it … Continue reading ‘December Song’ – Joy Williams feat. Birdtalker

Midnight – Jessie Ware

Midnight, the witching hour, the moment one day ends and becomes part of the past, and the next one begins. Wilson Pickett sung about waiting till the midnight hour, when no one else was around, to be with his lover, “I'm gonna take you, girl, and hold you/ And do all things I told you, … Continue reading Midnight – Jessie Ware

Better / Man Didn’t Walk on the Moon – Nerina Pallot

In 2015, Nerina Pallot released The Sound and the Fury an album that delved in and picked apart the political fabric of the past few years in Britain. It was Pallot’s Nina Simone moment of an artist reflecting the political, social and emotional landscape of her time and engaging with it, something Pallot captured powerfully. … Continue reading Better / Man Didn’t Walk on the Moon – Nerina Pallot

Something Old, Something New: Norah Jones – ‘Not Too Late’

Something Old, Something New is purely a selfish way for me to write about music that I love. Some of it will be the music I heard my parents playing when I was growing up and some of it will be music I discovered on my own but all of it will be music that … Continue reading Something Old, Something New: Norah Jones – ‘Not Too Late’

‘If We Were Vampires’ – Jason Isbell

Facebook can be a vortex of wasted time, full to the brim of people you have never even met and their stories but sometimes, just sometimes, Facebook spews up something of interest. In my case it was a Larry King interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson, the American astrophysicist and author. The interview was centered on what … Continue reading ‘If We Were Vampires’ – Jason Isbell

‘My Piece of Land’ – Amanda Shires

Everyone is looking for a home. A place or a person or a state of being; where you can be unapologetically you; where you don’t have to hide; where you can share your dreams and fantasies without fear of reprisals. A place or a person to call your own. Amanda Shires released her fifth solo … Continue reading ‘My Piece of Land’ – Amanda Shires

‘Beulah’ – John Paul White

“This place is called Beulah. It is a pleasant lovely shadow. Where no dispute can come.” Milton by William Blake Beulah, John Paul White’s first release since the ending of his band The Civil Wars, weaves together folk, Southern rock, Americana and even pop but all on the darker and more melancholy end of the … Continue reading ‘Beulah’ – John Paul White