Lisa Jakub In Her Own Words

Writer, Lisa Jakub, had a secret, a secret that spanned eighteen-years of her life, and one that she was trying to hide. No, she hadn’t killed anyone nor was she evading taxes, it was something much more benign (and legal). Lisa was trying to outrun her past life as an actor. Since turning 22, Lisa … Continue reading Lisa Jakub In Her Own Words

‘Keep It Together’ – Lily & Madeleine

When I interviewed Lily & Madeleine back in November 2014, it was clear from our conversation that their upcoming and still to be written third album was going to powerful. Not in an obvious way because that's not how the sisters roll but in a quietly defiant and honest way; a way that makes you … Continue reading ‘Keep It Together’ – Lily & Madeleine

Sitting Down with Singer/Songwriter Lucie Silvas

Lucie Silvas’ latest disc, Letters to Ghosts, is a well-crafted roots album with country, pop, Americana and Motown soul sensibilities woven throughout each of the tracks. The common theme of the record is honesty, and I’m not talking the sugar coated, photo-shopped kind of honesty that we usually expect from musicians, where even their most … Continue reading Sitting Down with Singer/Songwriter Lucie Silvas

Interview with THAT GIRL: Suzie Brown

Suzie Brown, a singer, songwriter, mother, and cardiologist, is about to release her third album with her husband, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Scot Sax. Despite studying medicine for nearly half her life, Suzie has always had great affinity for music; from listening to Whitney Houston tapes in her room and memorizing the words to taking the … Continue reading Interview with THAT GIRL: Suzie Brown

Interview with THAT GIRL: Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega, Toronto born and Nashville based singer-songwriter, has been in the music business for over a decade. With four albums under her belt, she has now released her fifth, “Faded Gloryville,” to much critical acclaim. The album was inspired by the film Crazy Heart, an unflinching look at a singer on the descent from stardom … Continue reading Interview with THAT GIRL: Lindi Ortega

Banning The OTHER “S” Word

If I could ban one word in our vocabulary it would be “Should.” You should do this; you should have a proper job now; you should be thinking about settling down; you should really think about finding someone; slowly but surely turns into “I should” and that, in the words of Yoda, “will only lead to suffering.”

Crash, Burn, Fly Higher Than Before

lIn the last six months I have had to say a lot of goodbyes. To friendships that no longer made me happy; to hopes of who I thought someone was; to dreams that are never going to happen; and to a season which at one point made so deliriously happy but now is over. It’s … Continue reading Crash, Burn, Fly Higher Than Before

Getting Real: Beauty and Vulnerability

Someone once said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so what could be more important than the frame that surrounds it, the face. For me, my face is my personal part of me. It is the first thing anyone sees when I meet them; it shows my hopes, my dreams, my fears, … Continue reading Getting Real: Beauty and Vulnerability

Music Mondays: Amos Lee

What strikes you first when either reading or listening to an interview with Amos Lee is how thoughtful and non-judgmental he is followed by his willingness to look at situations from every angle. This sensitivity comes through in his music, which never seeks to accuse or absolve but rather to explore emotions and situations that we all … Continue reading Music Mondays: Amos Lee

Music Mondays: Maria Taylor

If you only thought heartbreak and melancholy produced good art and music, you may need to rearrange your thinking. Multi talented singer/songwriter and musician Maria Taylor has released her latest album, Something About Knowing, inspired by the birth of her son Miles, and by finally reaching something close to contentment in her life.Maria Taylor was born in Birmingham, Alabama … Continue reading Music Mondays: Maria Taylor