John Paul White: Live at Bush Hall, London

“Don’t you dare look out your window/ Darling everything’s on fire.” Words and music from a dystopian film but words that are uncomfortably close to us all right now. Dark days are ahead on both sides of the Atlantic today, days that will make us want to close the curtains and hide away, but we … Continue reading John Paul White: Live at Bush Hall, London


Lucie Silvas Live in London

It's been eight years since Lucie Silvas performed in the UK and nearly ten years since the release of her breakthrough album Breathe In but from the packed out and expectant crowd, to Lucie's powerful yet vulnerable voice and her beautifully written songs, you would think no time had passed at all. Lucie opened the set with … Continue reading Lucie Silvas Live in London

Banning The OTHER “S” Word

If I could ban one word in our vocabulary it would be “Should.” You should do this; you should have a proper job now; you should be thinking about settling down; you should really think about finding someone; slowly but surely turns into “I should” and that, in the words of Yoda, “will only lead to suffering.”