Interview with THAT GIRL: Suzie Brown

Suzie Brown, a singer, songwriter, mother, and cardiologist, is about to release her third album with her husband, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Scot Sax. Despite studying medicine for nearly half her life, Suzie has always had great affinity for music; from listening to Whitney Houston tapes in her room and memorizing the words to taking the … More Interview with THAT GIRL: Suzie Brown

A Song a Day: ‘Welcome Home’ – A Love Letter to Unconditional Love

‘Welcome Home’ begins with what I can only describe as what the sun rising over the Earth would sound like if this astronomically constant was put to music; droning strings, opening up the piece like the sun opening up the skyline. Think what Holst did with ‘The Planets’; giving the planetary elements a musical body … More A Song a Day: ‘Welcome Home’ – A Love Letter to Unconditional Love

Music Mondays: Maria Taylor

If you only thought heartbreak and melancholy produced good art and music, you may need to rearrange your thinking. Multi talented singer/songwriter and musician Maria Taylor has released her latest album, Something About Knowing, inspired by the birth of her son Miles, and by finally reaching something close to contentment in her life. Maria Taylor was born in Birmingham, … More Music Mondays: Maria Taylor