‘The Hurting Kind’ – John Paul White

Each song on John Paul White’s album The Hurting Kind (April 12th on Single Lock) is its own hurting kind. White is careful not to equate romantic love as the only thing that hurts but rather leaving it open to all things, whether that be time moving on and the hurt of looking back on what … Continue reading ‘The Hurting Kind’ – John Paul White

Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine

Canterbury Girls refers to Canterbury Park in Indianapolis, IN, Madeleine tells me. “It’s the first place of adolescent freedom, the first place of blossoming girlhood - and a place to imagine the future a girl wants." But as Madeleine goes onto tell me, though the park is a place freedom and child-like fantasies, full of uninhibited … Continue reading Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine