Hope in the Dark: A conversation with singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders

In early January I met singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders. Sophie had released her debut album Steep and Shining Spaces in November, a collection of poetic songs set against a sonically luscious ambience, which brings to mind front porches in the spring as the magnolia is about to bloom, hardwood floors at night, and open blue skies. This … Continue reading Hope in the Dark: A conversation with singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders

Love, me – Lennon Stella

On November 16th, Lennon Stella released her EP Love, me. Stella is an anomaly in that she is a pop artist with singer-songwriter writing sensibilities. Her songs are never simple or one-dimensional. They may have that catchy pop hook but there is a maturity, a non-black and white perspective that singers’ decades older haven’t been … Continue reading Love, me – Lennon Stella

‘Say Goodnight Instead’ – JOHNNYSWIM

JOHNNYSWIM was in the midst of recording their new album Georgica Pond and from a late night recording session came, what I consider to be their most well written and visceral song from the album, 'Say Goodnight Instead'. Conjured from a place of emotional and physical weariness, and the sadness and rawness that usually accompanies that state of being. 'Say Goodnight … Continue reading ‘Say Goodnight Instead’ – JOHNNYSWIM

‘Wreck You’ – Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna, artist, musician and songwriter of melancholy. If you've heard a song that's beautifully understated and introspective but has you weeping into your tea by the last chorus, then Lori McKenna is mostly likely behind it. Think Mandy Moore's 'Everblue' and Ashley Monroe's 'The Morning After' This month, McKenna released 'Wreck You' the first single … Continue reading ‘Wreck You’ – Lori McKenna

Crash, Burn, Fly Higher Than Before

lIn the last six months I have had to say a lot of goodbyes. To friendships that no longer made me happy; to hopes of who I thought someone was; to dreams that are never going to happen; and to a season which at one point made so deliriously happy but now is over. It’s … Continue reading Crash, Burn, Fly Higher Than Before