‘All My Friends Are Married’ – Sophie Sanders

You are at that point in your life where all your friends are married or about to tie the knot, and then on the other side of the street, there you are at home with your cat, still getting the whole bed to yourself and getting to do whatever you want. But you are so … Continue reading ‘All My Friends Are Married’ – Sophie Sanders

Hope in the Dark: A conversation with singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders

In early January I met singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders. Sophie had released her debut album Steep and Shining Spaces in November, a collection of poetic songs set against a sonically luscious ambience, which brings to mind front porches in the spring as the magnolia is about to bloom, hardwood floors at night, and open blue skies. This … Continue reading Hope in the Dark: A conversation with singer-songwriter Sophie Sanders

Edward Hopper, Silent Spaces and ‘Putting On Airs’ by Erin Rae

The external becomes the internal, the political becomes the personal and vice versa. One bleeds into the other until it’s all muddy and messy and we don’t know where outside influences begin or where we end. In Erin Rae’s album Putting On Airs, co-produced by Dan Knobler and Jerry Bernhardt,(Single Lock, 8th June) the personal … Continue reading Edward Hopper, Silent Spaces and ‘Putting On Airs’ by Erin Rae

‘Uphill Battle’ – Rozzi

All women, once all the pretence and perfection has been shed, like mascara running off wet eyes, are full of contradictions and complexities that go beyond the mantle of being “a difficult woman”. We are neither good nor bad; virginal or slutty; nice or bitchy; easy or difficult; strong or weak; we are all those … Continue reading ‘Uphill Battle’ – Rozzi

‘Young Runaway’ – Hattie Briggs

Young Runaway is Hattie Briggs’ second album due out on July 8th. The album was recorded at Monnow Valley Studios in Wales by Peter Waterman (Uriah Heap), the producer behind Hattie’s debut album, Red & Gold, which was met with critical acclaim both in the UK and abroad. Hattie Briggs was in her second year … Continue reading ‘Young Runaway’ – Hattie Briggs

‘Something More Than Free’ – Jason Isbell

‘Something More Than Free’, by Jason Isbell, picks up where his critically acclaimed ‘Southeastern’ left off. Its’ final track ‘Relatively Easy’, left the listener reflecting that perhaps, for all our hurts, heartbreaks and struggles, we’ve all had it relatively easy, compared to a lot of other folks in the world. Isbell’s new musical offering carries … Continue reading ‘Something More Than Free’ – Jason Isbell