Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine

Canterbury Girls refers to Canterbury Park in Indianapolis, IN, Madeleine tells me. “It’s the first place of adolescent freedom, the first place of blossoming girlhood - and a place to imagine the future a girl wants." But as Madeleine goes onto tell me, though the park is a place freedom and child-like fantasies, full of uninhibited … Continue reading Innocence and Experience: ‘Canterbury Girls’ – Lily & Madeleine

‘End Up with You’ – Carrie Underwood

Angular guitar riffs and less-is-more vocals introduce ‘End Up with You’, the third track to premiere from Carrie Underwood’s soon to be released album Cry Pretty, which comes out on Friday (14thSeptember). A feeling of sweetness, of innocence, and of vulnerability is imbued in ‘End Up with You’. The first verse deals with the ephemeralness … Continue reading ‘End Up with You’ – Carrie Underwood

‘Stafire’ – Caitlyn Smith

Now I’m staring at an empty chair and I still see you everywhere And go to places that we’d go just so I can feel you ‘East Side Restaurant’ Songs are moments, caught in time and preserved like good wine. Photographs you look at and try to remember the moment the shutter clicked but music … Continue reading ‘Stafire’ – Caitlyn Smith

Something Old, Something New: Luther Ingram – ‘(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right’

Something Old, Something New is purely a selfish way for me to write about music that I love. Some of it will be the music I heard my parents playing when I was growing up and some of it will be music I discovered on my own but all of it will be music that I … Continue reading Something Old, Something New: Luther Ingram – ‘(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right’

Midnight – Jessie Ware

Midnight, the witching hour, the moment one day ends and becomes part of the past, and the next one begins. Wilson Pickett sung about waiting till the midnight hour, when no one else was around, to be with his lover, “I'm gonna take you, girl, and hold you/ And do all things I told you, … Continue reading Midnight – Jessie Ware

Better / Man Didn’t Walk on the Moon – Nerina Pallot

In 2015, Nerina Pallot released The Sound and the Fury an album that delved in and picked apart the political fabric of the past few years in Britain. It was Pallot’s Nina Simone moment of an artist reflecting the political, social and emotional landscape of her time and engaging with it, something Pallot captured powerfully. … Continue reading Better / Man Didn’t Walk on the Moon – Nerina Pallot

Taylor Noelle – Out of My System EP

Taylor Noelle was born and raised in Los Angeles and now resides in Nashville, studying Music Business at Belmont University whilst steadying honing her songwriting and creating her musical landscape of her own. Noelle released her debut EP Out of My System at the beginning of December, produced by Andrew Conner. Each track on the … Continue reading Taylor Noelle – Out of My System EP

A Taste of ‘Georgica Pond’ – JOHNNYSWIM

Georgica Pond is a 290-acre coastal lagoon located on the border of East Hampton, New York. With its miles and miles of white sandy beaches and six distinct finger like coves, which all lead back to the main body of water. Georgica Pond is beautiful and delicate yet at times troublesome and tumultuous. Perhaps that’s … Continue reading A Taste of ‘Georgica Pond’ – JOHNNYSWIM

‘Beulah’ – John Paul White

“This place is called Beulah. It is a pleasant lovely shadow. Where no dispute can come.” Milton by William Blake Beulah, John Paul White’s first release since the ending of his band The Civil Wars, weaves together folk, Southern rock, Americana and even pop but all on the darker and more melancholy end of the … Continue reading ‘Beulah’ – John Paul White

The Summer of Eps: Part 3 Caitlyn Smith

July has seen a quick succession of standalone EP’s released by women in Nashville; Caitlyn Smith, Molly Parden and Joy Williams. The story and words are the prime focus of these artists who refuse to stick to one “type” of music and who bend genres, and at times reimagine them, all in service of the story. The first of … Continue reading The Summer of Eps: Part 3 Caitlyn Smith