John Paul White

In November of last year John Paul White, formerly of The Civil Wars, performed an unexpected and low key set of brand new songs at The Moth Light in North Carolina. Accompanying White were The Secret Sisters who brought female harmonies and emotional echoes to the songs, and a small band consisting of a keyboardist/cellist … More John Paul White

‘this is our jam’ guest post – “C’est la Mort” & “Swan Song”

“C’est la Mort,” a song off Barton Hollow, The Civil Wars debut album, is described by the band as their idea of a love song; “a couple who had spent the past together and the present together and wanted to spend the future together, whether that meant alive or dead.” “Swan dive down, eleven stories high/ … More ‘this is our jam’ guest post – “C’est la Mort” & “Swan Song”

‘We Can Never Go Back’ – Joy Williams

Over the weekend Joy Williams dropped two new or partially new songs; both acoustic in nature. ‘Before I Sleep’ the opening track off her recently released album, ‘Venus’, and a brand new song that didn’t make the album, ‘We Can Never Go Back’. Unlike her album, both these songs are devoid of any EDM influence … More ‘We Can Never Go Back’ – Joy Williams