Brexit and “this isn’t an election campaign” campaign

Boris Johnson and the Conservative government have repeatedly said there will be no snap general election in the near future. His priority is delivering Brexit, no if’s not but’s, whatever that means.

However, in Conservative literature that was seen yesterday, it is clear a snap election is what Johnson and the government is gearing up for. The letter to members seen yesterday is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The sheep being Brexit and the wolf being an election to force through Brexit.

In the literature, Johnson evokes his usual jovial and “man of the people” style by suggesting that Britain is the home of cricket, the industrial revolution and the steam train, and therefore we as a country will triumph with or without a deal when we leave the EU on the 31st October.

Saying this whilst the government and civil service has put plans in place in the likely event of food and medicine shortages if we do decided to saw off the other leg and leave the EU without a deal. See Operation Yellowhammer.

The steam train was invented in 1812, the Industrial Revolution began in 1760 and ended in 1840, and is also one of the major causes of the climate emergency, but let’s not dwell on details, and though cricket, whose first reference was in 1597, is great, none of these examples is evidence of being able to be a self-sustaining island in a globalised and interconnected world, where trade blocs and working in an international community are vital to dealing the world’s challenges of which there are many.

All of the above happened over hundred years ago, in the distance but much idealised past that Brexiteers cling onto as reasons to show how much better we were when were independent. We have never not been independent in the recent past, we have also never not been able to make our own laws or govern our own land, despite what we have been told by the right wing media and the likes of Johnson, Gove, Farage and Rees-Mogg.

Details is something populist’s don’t like to think about and shy away from at all costs, which would explain why both Johnson and Corbyn have avoided agreeing to in-depth interviews with the mainstream media. Details are also what is severely lacking in the Conservative “begging bowl” literature that was seen yesterday.

There is no mention on how Brexit, deal or no deal will be delivered; how if we leave with no deal, how this will impact on industry, the NHS, trade, food or being able to travel inside the EU; there is no mention of the contentious backstop or the status of EU citizens living the UK.

The overarching message is that we must do something now to prevent a Jeremy Corbyn led Marxist government, and that something begins and ends with either campaign contributions and a vote for a Conservative government with Johnson at the helm. In the words of former Daily Show Host Jon Stewart, populists “want simple solutions to complex problems”.

On this mandatory donation page of the Conservative party literature, Johnson then asks members to donate, at the most, to a non-election campaign campaign, or at the very least, to a slush fund to stop a future Labour government. The incentive for this donation? You will receive ‘the first official photograph of the brand new Cabinet, which hasn’t even been taken yet’.

Perhaps this yet another metaphor for Brexit: we are asking you to vote for something that we haven’t even made yet.




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