A Song a Day: ‘Sweet Love of Mine’

‘Sweet Love of Mine’ adds to the melting pot that is ‘VENUS’. Gathering up the musical threads of Sade, London Grammar with elements of neo-soul and gospel into her hands, Joy Williams has created her own unique sound; soothing like a lullaby but also incredibly sensuous.

“Oh my darling, sweet love of mine/ I’ll hold you all through the night/ I gave you your name/ You gave me back my life/ You’re the heart of me/ Oh sweet love of mine.”

The song though heavy on beats and effects, is one of the more quieter, subdued tracks on the album. The only point at which the track raises its’ head above this lull is when the orchestral elements of the song and Joy’s vocals intertwine and ascend into the chorus.

Credit: Nate Yetton
Credit: Nate Yetton

‘Sweet Love of Mine’ is also the only song on the album with just one verse. One that can be opened up and a different meaning pulled out each time.

“I was broken/ I was blind/ Lost in a moment I thought I’d left behind/ Then you opened/ This dark soul of mine/ Gave me a light I thought I’d never find.”

Joy has said the melody came to her on the wind, whilst rocking her then newborn son on her Nashville front porch. Though the song is clearly a mother-child musical symbiosis, it is not at all constraining; the song carving out new emotional territory with each listen.

‘Sweet Love of Mine’ – written by Joy Williams, Matt Morris, Michael Einziger, Paul Moak & Charlie Peacock

produced by Matt Morris, Daniel James & Charlie Peacock

mixed by Mike “Spike” Stent & mastered by Ted Jensen

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